Cycling race Giro d’Italia this year will go also through Slovenian part of the GO! 2025 area

Photo: Simon Connellan

Looks like we are in a cycle of good news! Goricas go global together thanks to
Giro d’Italia!

Simon Rosič, vice-mayor of Nova Gorica: “The announcement that Nova Gorica in cooperation with Gorizia will be European Capital of Culture in 2025 as well as the information that one of the most prestigious cycling races in the world will take place in Italy and Slovenia gives us exceptional promotional potential, from which we will try to make the most of for our territory. The activities are mainly aimed to draw most of the route in Nova Gorica right next to the state border, as we want to show the international public how intertwined our life is in the conurbation of both Goricas. At the same time, we are aware that such a sporting event is of national importance, so we will work closely with all important cycling players in the country and abroad.”

#GoricasGoGlobal #BorderlessCycling