Cooperation agreement between European Capitals of Culture of 2025
A special bond has been binding us to Chemnitz, our twin European Capital of Culture of 2025 ever since 18 December 2020 when the winners for Slovenia and Germany were announced. While we were bidding for the title, we have established links with a series of cities, including Chemnitz, and discovered that it is a modernist city near a state border. Brida, one of our artistic groups, already carried out a first artistic project there and links have been established between the two universities and the two libraries.
In the future, we would like both capitals to show Europe that cities in the new EU member states can also become an epicentre of major events. And this is precisely the fil rouge between Chemnitz, located in eastern Germany, and Nova Gorica and Gorizia on the border between eastern and western Europe.
✍️ The signing of the cooperation agreement is an incentive for our institutions to start networking within ECoC projects as an added value in the search for funding and participation in European calls.