Chemnitz is the German European Capital of Culture 2025!

Photo: Chemnitz 2025

We are excited to “C the unseen” in Chemnitz 2025 and go #borderless with our common projects

In 2025 there will be two European Capitals of Culture: one in Germany and one in Slovenia. The German winner is now known – the prestigious title goes to the city of Chemnitz! Congratulations Chemnitz 2025, well deserved!

Chemnitz 2025 is addressing important topic for the contemporary Europe. With their slogan “C the unseen” Chemnitz is turning focus towards the “unseen city, the unseen European neighbours, the unseen places and biographies, the unseen talents in each individual. The program also includes many other unseen cities or regions in Europe, which make a strong statement for democratic coexistence and especially the people who help to live a cosmopolitan community across national borders should be seen.” (Chemnitz 2025)

We feel Chemnitz 2025’s values resonate with ours and our #borderless slogan. Chmeniz 2025’s victory is even more exciting, as we have many projects planned with them in our bidbook.

Big applause also to the other four short-listed cities Magdeburg, Hannover, Hildesheim and Nürnberg who fought hard through the final year of the candidacy.