Who is the winner?

The submission deadline for the call for branding of our project, which will be used until 2027 (we will be the European capital in 2025, and the legacy of the project will be handed over until 2027), is closed.


✍🏻 73 subjects applied, of which 51 submitted all the required content. The Commission, which chose from anonymous applications from across #Europe, consists of:


▪️ Kaja Širok, historian, museum director and researcher. For ten years she was director of the National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia and worked as a researcher at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. Curator of the EPICenter project and head of international relations for GO! 2025.

▪️ Maja Murenc, B.A. in Media and Communication, with over 10 years of experience in marketing and social media, both in the business sector and in the public sector. Content creator and communication and marketing manager of GO! 2025.

▪️ Karl Stocker, historian, exhibition director, head of the Exhibition Design and Information Design department at the University of Applied Sciences of Graz, professor at the University of Graz (since 1988) and at the University of Kassel 1996/97, founder and director of Bisdato Exhibition & Museum Design since 1990, author/editor of books and scientific contributions, responsible for scientific research projects, director of exhibitions, Graz UNESCO City of Design ambassador.

▪️ Ettore Concetti, graphic designer, winner of the competition for the logo of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019. Founder of the independent graphic design studio “Graphic Opera”, specialized in visual identity, art direction and visual communication. Winner of international awards, since 2018 it is also present in Brooklyn (New York) with a branch office.

▪️ Soni Makarovič, Senior UserExperience and Graphic designer with over 20 years of experience in graphic design, branding, interaction design and user experience design. He collaborates from start-ups to large companies, working in fields such as augmented reality, smart city, e-commerce, banking, gesture interaction, communication and collaboration tools.


The evaluation criteria are:
🖋️ compliance with the values of the candidacy written in the bid book
🖋️ originality, aesthetics and applicability to various formats and means of communication
🖋️ visibility of the difference between the institutional and the commercial brand


The winner of the call receives 7,000 € and holds the moral #copyright on the image, while GO! 2025 retains the ownership of the conceptual proposal.


We look forward to #creative and applicative solutions for our unique, complex, cross-border project; European capital in two countries and three languages (slo, it & eng)! 🇸🇮💡🇮🇹

– Team GO! 2025


#BorderlessBrand #UniqueCapitalOfCulture