New open call will be out soon
After reviewing all of the 51 received applications and taking into account the presented creative solutions for the call for the GO! 2025 branding, the Commission decided to repeat the call, as most of the received proposals relied too much on and added elements of other logos of the European Capitals of Culture to their solutions, as well as did not consistently comply with the requirements of the call. The Commission also believes that a large number of proposals are creatively similar, while the solutions presented are generic.
The Commission will repeat the call for the branding of the project, as we want the citizens of both Gorizias to be able to identify with it and accept it. It must represent our region, our values, the culture and the creators who will enrich our common space in the coming years. Those who have already submitted their proposals will be able to apply again for the new call, of course with a more refined creativity.
This is also an indication that raising culture is a long-term process and perfection is all we are looking for. We believe we will find it in the end, too!🤞🍀💪
📝 Call results: