Arrival of the International Jury
International Jury visits the urban tissue between Solkan/Salcano and Rožna Dolina/Casa Rossa

International architecture jury has arrived to Nova Gorica and Gorica yesterday. Their visit started at the epicentre of the GO! 2025 European Capital of Culture Candidacy at the Europe Square. This location is the focal point of the international call of the International Architectural Ideas and Project Competition for the Urban development of Trg Evrope / Piazza Transalpina.

After the warm welcome from the municipality representatives, GO! 2025 and EGTC GO team, members of the international jury started discovering the urban tissue on the border of both Goricas. They walked along the border from Solkan/Salcano to Rožna Dolina/Casa Rossa and climbed to Kostanjevica for a better view on the strap of the border tissue which calls to be “sewn” back together.

The competition is of great importance for both towns. The project solution could be the much needed catalyst for the development of this area. The estimated amount of the investment is 7.500.000 EUR and is divided in two parts:

– Area 1: Project proposals for the design of Europe Square / Piazzale della Transalpina and the transcultural hub EPICenter and

– Area 2: Ideas proposals for the remodeling of the border zones from Solkan/Salcano to Rožna Dolina / Casa Rossa.

The jury will for the next four days carefully study all 56 proposals. The results will be announced at on the 17. 9. 2020 at the press conference. We are excited to see how our urban crossborder future will look like!