Architects design the face of the capital

Architecture students from the University of Trieste and the University of Ljubljana have joined forces in view of the European Capital of Culture 2025 and created an architectural workshop to develop concepts for the redevelopment of spaces in Nova Gorica and Gorizia. In particular, they have been working on how to recover places in the city through pavilions that can transform chosen places and that will host exhibitions and events until 2025, the year of the European Capital of Culture. At the moment, some twenty pavilions have been developed, for example on the Gorizia Castle sites, the former border crossing of Rožna Dolina/Casa Rossa, the two railway stations, the Basaglia park next to the former Gorizia hospital, the Gorizia barracks and elsewhere. The idea is to make Gorizia a ‘Pavillion City’ and, above all, to give the two cities a new face in view of the European Capital of Culture.


Architecture students thought of various pavilions: for example, they proposed a pavilion from which to admire the river, some proposed a 47-metre-high tower to observe the conurbation, museum pavilions were planned, new axes were sought to link the two cities, for example, one from the Bombi gallery to Europe Square, and the Stračice area was looked at closely. Some would transform the former Rafut/Pristava border line into a gateway, others were planning bridges, buildings, and vertical gardens. Both Nova Gorica and Gorizia municipalities have welcomed the young architects’ ideas and will study them.