Alexei Monroe: Based on architecture

Alexei Monroe / Sz. Berlin is a theorist, photographer and audio-visual artist working at the R.o.R. artist residency in Šempas. He came at the invitation of BridA, our Bid-book partner. The residency programme will provide a stimulating environment for the guest artist to produce original artworks specific to the Goriška environment.


“My work is mainly based on architecture, from which I draw information for images, sound, video, historical profile,” he said at the presentation evening at the BridA collective’s premises in Šempas. In this concept, he will explore the architectural space in Nova Gorica and Gorizia, mapping interesting buildings and turning images into sound through an app. He is interested in learning how different people see a particular building or space. He does not perceive Nova Gorica as a city without a soul, and he will address the borderline or borderless space between the two Gorizas with particular sensitivity.


Alexei Monroe / Sz. Berlin is a Research Fellow at the Burren College of Art, Ireland. He is an industrial music and culture expert, perhaps best known here for his monograph on the band Laibach. Under the pseudonym Sz. Berlin, he has exhibited his works to the public at major art events such as the Time Machine Biennale, the 2nd NSK Folk Art Biennale, Primal Uproar Hamburg, Bruital Uproar Berlin, etc. His research interests include the history of East Germany, Germany, Yugoslavia and Ireland, and also deals with technical and architectural themes such as Brutalism and infrastructure.