8,000 people at Patti Smith's GO! 2025 concert

Just over eight thousand fans of the one and only Patti Smith gathered at the venue in Gorizia. The 76-year-old legend impressed with her energy, and the great mood of the crowd (decorated with GO! Borderless bracelets), warmed up by the support bands Overlaps (IT) and Imset (SL), undoubtedly contributed to the atmosphere.


As she herself said during the concert, the singer doesn’t usually perform in front of such a big audience, but despite that, her dreamy, poetic interludes didn’t get lost in the crowd – she successfully held the attention of 8,000 people for an hour and a half.


Thank you to all of you who came and showed your support. See you next time!


Photo: Pierluigi Bumbaca


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