#3 Who will enrich us if we win?
Anja Medved for GO! 2025

Anja Medved is a director and producer from Nova Gorica who has spent her life researching, filming and presenting the collective memory of our region. She made several noteworthy documentaries that are based on our life by the border.

If we win, Anja will collaborate with us on the project called Memory ambulance which will be driving through urban and rural communities – a mobile unit, equipped for filming, photographing and scanning will motivate citizens to join memory collecting local events, share their stories, anecdotes, photos, letters, parish records, pass-port registers etc.

The digital archive of memories will then be given back to the communities through a specially created platform, which will be also used as a data-base for scientific researchers and individuals from all over Europe, discovering the fate of their ancestors.

#BringingBackTheMemory #BorderlessArchive